Chaplain Ministries

At Campbell-Stone, we care about the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our residents. Many of our residents have a history of meaningful church or synagogue involvement.

Chaplain Ministries offer ..

We believe it is vital that residents continue to have a place to worship and to have spiritual support and encouragement. The chaplain and chaplain interns seek to meet those needs through regular worship experiences, pastoral care and nurture, memorial services, and spiritual enrichment opportunities. 

Pastoral care visits support those facing death, enduring painful illness or grief, or experiencing the spiritual questions common to those undergoing losses (physical, mental, relational) during older years.

Support is also available to families experiencing the intergenerational stresses of changing needs and relationships.

While our chaplain comes from a Christian tradition, we respect all residents and recognize the diversity of religious views and backgrounds. Our goal is to be a source of comfort and encouragement and to accompany our residents on their life journeys.



An Affordable Senior Community with Heart



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An Affordable Senior Community with Heart


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