Chaplain Ministries

At Campbell-Stone, many of our residents have a history of meaningful church or synagogue involvement. We believe it is of utmost importance to continue to have a place to worship. Our on-site Chaplain, trained in pastoral counseling and gerontology, can affirm and enrich the spiritual life of our residents.

Chaplain Ministries offer opportunities for worship, communion, memorial services and Bible study. In addition, the chaplains facilitate connections to local congregations and synagogues.

Pastoral care visits support those facing death, enduring painful illness or grief, or experiencing the spiritual questions common to those experiencing losses (physical, mental, relational) during older years.

Support also is available to families experiencing the intergenerational stresses of changing needs and relationships.

We also offer programs on aging and spirituality, as well as serve as a geriatric placement center for clergy of all faiths who seek to provide greater pastoral care to those facing the multiple losses and limitations of old age and life’s closing.

Campbell-Stone is dedicated to supporting the spiritual lives of our residents.